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AI Real Estate Systems

Artificial Intelligence Systems for Real Estate Investing.
Created by the Ligon Brothers - Review our AI Systems Below

Proprietary AI Generated Systems For Real Estate Investing

Ligon AI 
Designed for:

  • Investors

  • Cash Buyers

  • End Buyers

Only Direct & Vetted Deals

No More Daisy Chains for Cash Buyers

If you are a Cash Buyer looking for a One-Stop-Shop for all your Discounted Wholesaling Needs, look no further than LigonAI. We've developed an AI system that catalogues every available property, identifies the original contract holder verifies the Wholesaler, analyzes the property and chooses the best of the best deals to send out our Network of VIP Cash Buyers. Buying a Wholesale Property has Never been safer and easier. Join our Buyers list Now.

Multi-Family Properties

For Profitable Long Term Investments

LigonAI has created a system specifically designed for Multi-Family Real Estate. Our AI system locates Multi-Family properties and parcels that are zoned for Multi-Family units. The property data is then analyzed and evaluated.  Complex algorithms have been created to calculate the properties value rating and profit probability. Watch the video above to learn more.

Ligon AI 
Designed for:

  • Multi-Family Buyers

Ligon AI
Designed for:

  • Wholesalers

  • Real Estate Resellers

Massive Network of Verified

Cash Buyers For Wholesale Properties

Our Ligon AI System uses complex algorithms allowing us to build the most sophisticated cash buyers list known to man. We need deals to feed this Massive buying machine. Our system uses 92 data points to match a property with the right buyer. If You Have a Good Deal We Can Sell it and Eliminate All Your Marketing Hassles: No More Email Blast Over Exposure, No More Underhanded Investors contacting your sellers, No more giving back deals for lack of buyers. Join our Network Today.

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