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Powerful AI Systems for Real Estate Investing

Welcome to Ligon AI's powerhouse - L.I.S.A., the Ligon Intelligence Systems AI. Our cutting-edge AI model, version 3.4, redefines real estate investing with unmatched capabilities. Discover how L.I.S.A. revolutionizes research, acquisitions, and dispositions of real estate investments.

Discover the future of real estate investing with L.I.S.A., Ligon AI's advanced AI model. Generate detailed investment reports and make data-driven decisions.

Proprietary AI Generated Systems For Real Estate Investing

Ligon AI 
Designed for:

  • Investors

  • Cash Buyers

  • End Buyers

Only Direct & Vetted Deals

No More Daisy Chains for Cash Buyers

Attention Cash Buyers seeking a convenient One-Stop-Shop for all your Discounted Wholesaling Needs! LigonAI is your ultimate destination. Our advanced AI system meticulously catalogs all available properties, verifies Wholesalers, and selects top-tier deals exclusively for our Network of VIP Cash Buyers. With us, purchasing Wholesale Properties has never been more secure and effortless. Join our Buyers list today for a seamless experience

Multi-Family Properties

For Profitable Long Term Investments

LigonAI introduces a tailor-made system exclusively for Multi-Family Real Estate. Our advanced AI technology efficiently locates Multi-Family properties and parcels with Multi-Family zoning. Once identified, the property data undergoes thorough analysis and evaluation using sophisticated algorithms, determining the property's value rating and profit probability.

Ligon AI 
Designed for:

  • Multi-Family Buyers

Ligon AI
Designed for:

  • Wholesalers

  • Real Estate Resellers

Massive Network of Verified

Cash Buyers For Wholesale Properties

At Ligon AI, our cutting-edge AI System utilizes intricate algorithms to create the most sophisticated cash buyers list ever conceived. Our massive buying machine is hungry for deals, and our system expertly matches properties with the perfect buyer, using 92 data points for precision. Say goodbye to marketing headaches! If you have a promising deal, we can sell it, eradicating email blast overexposure, protecting you from underhanded investors, and eliminating the need to return deals due to a lack of buyers. Join our network today and revolutionize your selling experience

Contact Us to Unlock the Power of L.I.S.A.

Ready to transform your real estate investments with L.I.S.A.? Contact us now to explore how our advanced AI technology can revolutionize your investment strategies.

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