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LigonAI Has Revolutionized the Real Estate Wholesaling Process

Disclaimer: Our AI System is Currently in BETA and only Available to Qualified VIP Cash Investors in Florida for the Following Counties: Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County

Let Our System Simplify Your Real Estate Buying Process

Serious Investors are always seeking quality discounted wholesale properties for investments. As Cash Home Buyers we know the struggles with finding Good Deals. So The Ligon Brothers created an AI system that not only filters out the noise of repetitive listings, but it also comps the property and vets to Wholesaler as an originating contract holder and so much more.....

Cloud Based Data Collection

Our AI Systems Scours the Depths of the Internets for ALL Real Estate Listings

Complex Analyzing and Verification

Once the Data is Collected Logged & Filtered, a Pricing Analysis is Conducted as well as a Verification of Original Contract holder using LigonVerify™ & Only the Best Deals make it to the Final Phase

Data Logging & Filtering

LigonAI then Logs Every Available Property from Every Location and Filters Each Item with Our Buying Criteria 

A+ Discounted Wholesale Inventory Distribution 

The Deals have now been Vetted and Comped are Uploaded to our RealTime Active Wholesale List and sent to our Acquisition Team as well as Our VIP Cash Buyers Network of Investors.

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