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Attention Real Estate Wholesalers

STOP Deal Theft, Angry Sellers & Agents & Back Door Wholesalers from Killing Your Deal

The Ligon Brothers have Harnessed the Power of AI to Build the Most Sophisticated Cash Buyers List Known to Man. (See Video Below for Details)

We Need Deals to Feed this Massive Buying Machine.

Our system uses 92 data points to match a property with the right buyer.

If You Have a Good Deal We Can Sell it and Eliminate All Your Marketing Hassles:

No More Email Blast Over Exposure

No More Underhanded Investors Contacting Your Sellers

No More Undercutting Your Wholesale Deals

No More Giving Back Great Deals Because of Lack of Buyers

Our AI System Strategically Places Your Deal in Front of the Perfect Cash Buyers.

 Sell Your Deals Without All the Hassles, in Record Time. 

Email Blasts are fading as new technology rises. We surveyed 100’s of wholesalers to find the #1 reason outside of title problems that their deals fall apart. Over exposure is by far number one. Meaning the deal is being sent to people that are going to the seller or agent directly and many times printing and showing the seller an email blast of their property… then the seller goes quiet. Let’s stop that from ever happening again and put these Blackhat wholesalers out of business.

Wholesaes Join Now

Fill-out the Form Below to Join Our Real Estate Wholesalers Network and Let Us Put Your Deals in Front of the Perfect Cash Buyer Using LigonAI

All We Ask is to Provide Us with Exclusive* Access to your Deal for 72 Hours to Strategically place it in front of the right Cash Buyer using our AI System

*Our AI System will only send out Exclusive Deals to our  VIP Cash Buyers Network. If the Property is already marketed our proprietary System will Boot it from our VIP Buying Campaigns.

Ligon Brothers Digital Journal Article


The Ligon Brothers Harnessed the Power of A.I. and Applied it to Real Estate Investing

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